Our History


Bishop Maze Coburn Jr. - Senior Pastor and Organizer

While serving under the last Pastor E. Draine, a vision was given to Rev. Maze Coburn, Jr. by God that he had been chosen to lead God's people.


On June 02, 2002; this vision came to fruition and 23 believers gathered together at Rev. Coburn's home to meet and pray for guidance. As a result,  Blessed Assurance Faith Tabernacle was organized under the leadership of Pastor Maze Coburn, Jr.


On June 09, 2002; we held our first worship service in the basement of the pastor's home.  In this service, the Holy Spirit was present and we worshipped in spirit and truth like never before. Our Lord and Savior endorsed this gathering.


On June 30, 2002,  Blessed Assurance Faith Tabernacle along with Rev. Maze Coburn, Jr. as the pastor, was installed at True Vine of Holiness MBC by Pastor Henderson Hill.


Our membership began to grow very fast and we were in need of a larger edifice. As a result of this, a band of baptized believers came together, prayed, trusted God, and raised $60,000.00 to purchase a new building.


On September 22, 2002, we held our first worship service at our present location:  1432-34 West 79th Street, Chicago, Illinois 60620. 


Blessed Assurance continued to grow as we were lead by the Holy Spirit.


In May, 2006, God sent us our co-pastor; Rev. Michael Horton.  He came and inspired us to continue to move forward until the Lord called him home from his labor.  Rev. Horton left us with our powerful slogan  "Greatness is not in numbers, but in God's people".


In July, 2007, we were blessed to have numerous renovations done to our building to accommodate our growth.


In September, 2007, Rev. Roosevelt Lee was given his license to preach the Word of God and has been a faithful associate minister.


Pastor Coburn has never forgotten the vision and because of that we are growing strong in the Word of God; constantly reminded the flock thru witness and faith that: Nothing but the Word of God will keep you.  We will never perish because of the vision of this God sent man!!

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